Kodi Screen Reader

Text to speech for Kodi

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Windows users, click the link to the right to download the Kodi Screen Reader installer. Depending on which link you choose it will download and install (if not already installed) either Kodi or XBMC and it will download and install the newsest version of the Kodi Screen Reader addon and it's requirements.

Others should install Kodi/XBMC (if necessary) and then install the repository and install Kodi Screen Reader from within Kodi/XBMC. Links are on the right.
Android and iOS will not work currently.


Visit the forum thread if you have any issues with the installer or the addon. Kodi Screen Reader is currently in early development, and is not complete. Please keep that in mind :)

I'm not asking for donations, but if you feel the need to donate, here's a button.
If I set this up properly, there should be a box where you can tell me what you want me to do with the donation.